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Delivery Policy

Declaration of origin

various products sold by Everithing Store are imported. Our suppliers are located in Europe, USA and China and send orders directly to the final consumer.  If your order is 2 or more products, the same can be sent in separate shipments, therefore, you will receive a tracking code for each product.


The delivery time for the products is 3 up to 25 days after shipment by our suppliers. However, extraneous factorsto our control, such as a postal strike, impossibility of delivery due to weather factors or delay in processing by the Federal Revenue may cause delays. In these cases, the days necessary to resolve the problems mentioned will be added to our deadline.

If you're already getting worried, don't be! Basedin our experience, 95% of our productsare delivered within 10 daysafter dispatch.

Processing time

After confirmation of payment, your product will go through the separation, packaging and shipping process. This process takes a maximum of 7 days. As soon as your product is dispatched you will be informed by email and you will receive your tracking code.

Shipping methods

Delivery is always made by the Post Office, however, in some cases, such as absent recipient, regions with delivery restriction, among other reasons, the Post Office may leave a notice to pick up the products at the agency closest to the address provided.

we ask attention when filling in the address of delivery to ensure that it is made within the established deadline. The delivery address cannot be changed after 24 hours of placing the order on the website. Review the address before confirming, as if the product is returned due to incorrect address or insufficient data, the customer will be responsible.

The Postal Service performs  three attempts to deliver the product. If there are three unsuccessful delivery attempts, the product will be sent to the nearest agency and will wait for collection for 7 days, after which it will return to the supplier abroad.

Shipping Confirmation and Tracking Code

All orders have a tracking code, which will be emailed to the customer within the deadline 7 day average working days after payment confirmation.

To track your product, just go to the Correios tracking page and enter your your code. Follow the link:

Click and track your order

As this is an international order, tracking information may take between 5 to 20 days to be available on the website.

IMPORTANT: A Everithing Store IS RESPONSIBLE for customs fees, charges and taxes.

As it is an import service, any and all goods are subject to bureaucracy or customs duties. A Everithing Store take responsibility for possible costs (fees, charges and taxes) added by the government. If your product has been taxed: 

  • Send an email, within 48 hours of delivery, to:
  • Provide: a copy of the tax document that was filled out by the post office.
  • upon receipt of your email we will contact you to reimburse the incurred costs.

In case of doubts, contact our SAC: Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm

  1. b) by
  2. c) through the website's service channel

When making a purchase, the customer agrees with the shipping policy and delivery time herepresented for the Everithing Store.